Why Get Home Security Cameras?

Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular in and around homes, and there are a wide variety of options available to meet just about any need that you can think of.

Pet Cam, Baby Cam, or Nanny Cam

Many indoor models are now on the market that come loaded with features. Just connect one to your wireless network and place it in any room that you want to keep an eye on. They’re commonly used to keep an eye on a pet while you’re away, check on a baby, or even a baby sitter. You can also monitor the inside of your house when it’s empty and have the camera send alerts when any motion is detected. They’re not real security cameras in the purest sense, but they’re very popular because they’re convenient, and easy to setup and use.

Detect Dangers While You’re Still Safe Inside

Outdoor cameras can let you see who’s at the door before you answer it.  They can really raise your awareness of your surroundings, letting you know about situations outside that you couldn’t detect without cameras.

See What Really Happened

Have you ever found something missing, damaged, or out of place around the house, and wondered what really happened to it?  I never felt the need for a security camera until someone messed with my mailbox out on the street. It’s mounted on one of those breakaway posts that are designed to give way if hit by something, and one morning I went out and found that someone had pushed it over, bending the steel rod at the base. Of course I straightened it back up and went about my business, until someone bent it down again on the next night! That was when I decided that I needed a surveillance camera.

Visible Cameras are a Deterrent to Criminal Activity

Criminals are likely to move on to an easier target when they see a home with security cameras outside. They don’t want the additional risk of being detected and recorded when there are other potential victims without cameras.

Provide Evidence to Law Enforcement if Something Does Happen

If a crime really does happen, wouldn’t it be nice to hand the police a DVD or thumb drive with evidence of the criminal in the act?  I was able to do this once when my neighbor’s vehicle was broken into in their driveway.  Police also actively look for private surveillance footage during high profile investigations.  Imagine being able to help the community by having a piece of evidence needed to solve a crime in your neighborhood.

Peace of Mind

Security cameras, especially when combined with a security system, provide a level of comfort that is just not possible without them.  That’s something that the owner of the security company I worked for 30 years ago told me, and it’s still true to this day.

It’s Just Really Fun to Check on Your Home While You’re Away

I have used my cameras for many things, and they have the potential to do so much more in the future if needed, but I have to admit that having cameras at home is just fun too.  When I worked all day in an office I would remotely access my cameras to see if a package that had been delivered was still sitting there.  Lately I use it to keep an eye on the dogs when I let them out, and see if they’re waiting to be let in or if they’re just happily relaxing in the yard.  There’s never been a better time to get security cameras with performance and capabilities well beyond what was possible just a few years ago, and prices that are extremely low.

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