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Dome Cameras vs. Bullet Cameras


Dome Cameras vs. Bullet Cameras vs. Turret Cameras Outdoor IP security cameras are available in several different housing styles, with dome cameras and bullet cameras being the most common.  There are many reason why you may want to pick one over another for a given installation due to the advantages and disadvantages of each style. […]

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Cheap Home Security Camera Systems

Inexpensive Security Camera System

Are you thinking about getting one of those cheap home camera system to keep an eye on things around the house, but getting overwhelmed trying to make sense of them all?  Here’s a very basic and broad overview to help you sort between the different general types and understand some of the basics of what […]

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Univivi U06R IR Illuminator Review

External infrared illuminators like the Univivi U06R can be used to help many surveillance cameras see better in the dark.  I purchased this particular unit from back in December of 2014 and it’s been sitting in the box unused since then, but we’re getting it mounted outside and powered up today! Click on any […]

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