Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I Outdoor Bullet Camera Review

Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I Camera Front Right

The Hikvision DS-2CD2042FWD-I is my favorite mini bullet camera at the moment.   It’s a 4 megapixel fixed focal length waterproof outdoor bullet network camera with built-in infrared illuminators and great image quality in all lighting conditions.  It’s part of Hikvision’s R6 value series platform that has an excellent price to performance ratio.

Core Features / Specifications

Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I Camera Front Right

  • Up to 4 MP (2688 x 1520) resolution
  • 1/3″ Progressive Scan CMOS image sensor
  • 4mm (82°) or 6mm (55°) fixed lens options
  • IP66 weather-proof rating
  • Built-in IR with up to 30m (98 feet) range
  • Powered by PoE or 12 Volts DC ±10%
  • -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F) operating range

What’s Included?

Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I Box Front

  • The mini bullet camera itself
  • Mounting screws and plastic anchors
  • Mounting template for installation
  • Cable gland to seal the network connector
  • Software CD
  • Quick start guide

Initial Configuration

Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I Back and Bottom

Camera and software configuration and operation are the same across all members of the Hikvision R6 platform since they all share the same firmware and core electronics.  The initial configuration and software features that I cover in my Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I Outdoor Dome Camera Review is the same with this camera.  Simply access the factory IP address if you can, or set it to a new IP address with the Hikvision SADP software program.

Hardware Installation

Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I Test Mount Location

Mini bullet cameras are very easy to install and adjust to the position that you want.  You can find more details in my post about installing camera systems, but it’s as simple as choosing a location for the camera, drilling a center hole for the network cable, and mounting the camera base in place.   The camera swivels out of your way easily when you loosen the clamp, making for easy access to install the screws in the mounting base. This picture shows one of mine in a temporary test location and I didn’t even need to use the mounting template.  Once the base is secure you can point the camera in the desired direction and tighten the clamp.  There is a screw behind the camera that can be loosened to allow you to rotate the camera to fine tune that mounting axis.  All of the camera housing and mounting hardware is metal with the exception of the plastic nut that you tighten by hand to lock it into position.  It seems rugged enough but I’d mount it out of reach if you can, which is a really good idea with any bullet camera.

Things I Really Like

Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I Base Back Top

I bought mine for the 6mm lens and its nice zoomed in 55 degree horizontal field of view.  It has 4 megapixels of resolution with up to 2688 x 1520 image size at 30 frames per second,  and the image quality is superb.  The small size and simple mounting bracket make installation a breeze.  The little shield extending out above the lens really helps keep rain drops off of the lens in most installations and also shades the lens from direct sunlight helping with image quality.


Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I Left Side

I can’t think of any serious shortcomings specific to this camera.  There is the Webcomponents plugin to keep in mind but it’s just used during initial testing and setup for most people, and you’ll want to watch out for grey market cameras, both of which I mention in my DS-2CD2142FWD-I review.  Most mini bullet cameras like this do not have a microSD slot, and all of them are vulnerable to being knocked out of position or even destroyed if the are mounted so low that they can be reached by a criminal.

Final Thoughts

I have quite a few different cameras and this little bullet camera is one of my favorites.  It’s not very large, it’s very easy to install, and it has great image quality.  Hikvision is the OEM for many camera brands, so in addition to the Hikvision branded model for sale, this same camera is sold by other companies like Exview and Pnet without the Hikvision logo.

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  1. Sir/madam
    kindly give me sa jpg path and mjpg streaming path of this model i need it for my automation.it is required to enter in fibaro.

    1. Hi Raymund,

      Here are two links that I found to the HIKVISION Camera URL User Guide. One copy at viakom.cz and also at datacomtecnologie.it

      I was able to view the JPEG snapshot JPG image on my Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I running firmware V5.4.0 with the following URL as described in the document. Be sure to use your username, password, and IP address.


      I could not easily get RSTP or MJPEG streaming to work with my browsers but I didn’t spend too much time digging into it.

      Hopefully you can get it working with that document that I linked to.

      Good luck!


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