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CMVision IR130 IR Illuminator LED Failures!

CMVision IR130 with all boards removed

I can no longer recommend the CMVision IR130 infrared illuminator because the IR LEDs are failing at an unacceptable rate!  I noticed several people reporting similar issues in the Amazon reviews and now it is happening to me. Keep reading to see my forensic analysis and exactly what I found is going on here, and why […]

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How to Build a Simple Raspberry Pi Security Camera

Raspberry Pi Security Camera Front

Here I’ll show you how to quickly and easily build a simple Raspberry Pi security camera in just a few steps.  Follow along and you’ll have it streaming an H.264 RSTP video stream over the network that you can view live or record using many different software options. There are many different ways to use the […]

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Why are Nest Cam Security Cameras so Popular?

Nest Cam Indoor

What is it about the Nest Cam indoor and outdoor security cameras that makes them the two best selling security cameras on Amazon for some time now?  I can point you to many other cameras that I believe are much better security cameras from a technical standpoint, but that’s not what everyone wants or needs. […]

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