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Choosing an Infrared Wireless Security Camera

Reolink rlk4-210wb4 wireless camera

I see many people asking about an infrared wireless security camera, which may sound like a very specific device, but that broad term could be any one of a number of different products designed for very different uses. It’s obviously describing a security camera with wireless network connectivity, that uses infrared light to see in complete […]

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Why My Vivotek FD8134V Camera Was NOT a Good Choice

The Vivotek FD8134V should have been a great camera for me, but unfortunately it suffers from two main problems that make me regret purchasing it.  This model is now discontinued but it’s worth talking about because the problems that it has are actually fairly common and can happen to many cameras on the market today. I […]

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Choosing an Outdoor Light with Security Camera

Porch Light and Door

Installing an outdoor light with security camera and motion sensor already built-in is one of the easiest ways to get a permanent and reliable security camera outside your house.  They can be quickly installed in place of many different types of existing outdoor lights so they get power from your home’s AC wiring, and they […]

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