Dahua PFB203W Wall Mount Bracket

Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z installed on optional PFB203W wall-mount bracket

The Dahua PFB203W wall-mount bracket is used to mount many Dahua dome or turret style security cameras in a horizontal orientation on a vertical mounting surface like a wall.  If you’re trying to place one of these cameras on a wall and you can’t quite get the camera pointed where you want, this inexpensive mounting bracket might be just what you need for a professional looking installation that works well.

What’s included?Dahua PFB203W wall bracket contents

  • PFB203W wall-mount bracket
  • 3mm hex tool / Allen wrench
  • Four Phillips head mounting screws to attach the bracket’s base to a wall
  • Four plastic anchors for the mounting screws if needed
  • Three hex head machine screws to attach the camera base to this bracket

What exactly is it?

The PFB203w is all metal, with a steel base that you mount to a wall or other sturdy vertical surface, and an aluminum mount that attaches to the base.

The best way to be sure that it will work with your camera is to check the Accessories section on the data sheet for your Dahua camera.

This bracket has three sets of machine threaded mounting holes for attaching three different camera base patterns.

Here’s a link to the Dahua data sheet on the PFB203W wall-mount bracket if you want to see their full specs on it.

How is it installed?Dahua PFB203W wall bracket base mounted

The most common way to mount this is to first remove the steel base from the rest of the bracket by loosening the hex / Allen set screw located at the center of the bottom of the back of the mount.

The bracket and base simply pull apart with the set screw loose, and you can now take the steel base and use it as a template.

Place it at your mounting location and mark the location for the four mounting screws and the center hole where the camera cable will pass through into the wall.

Drill a hole for the cable approximately 1″ in diameter, and also four smaller holes for screws or anchors if needed, and attach the base to the wall with the four screws provided.

Here you can see that I had the camera mounted directly to my test platform and have removed the camera and am installing it there again using this wall bracket.

Attach the camera to the bracketDahua-PFB203W-with-IPC-HDW5231R-Z-base-attached

I’m showing how to mount the Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z turret camera that I did a full review of here.  Other cameras will mount in a similar way.

Attach the camera base to wall bracket using the three machine screws provided and tighten the the provided hex wrench.

The camera cable will come up through the wall bracket and out the back.  This will usually go through the steel base and the large hole you drilled earlier, and connect to your network cable.

There is a rubber plug on the side of the wall bracket if you need to route your cable on the surface of the wall instead, visible in the picture below.

Attach the the wall bracket to the steel baseDahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z installed on optional PFB203W wall-mount bracket

The final step is to place the camera and bracket assembly down on to the mounted steel base, and tighten the set screw that you loosened earlier.

You should be able to power up the camera at this point and adjust the direction that it is pointing.

That’s all there is to it, and now you can sit back and admire your professional looking camera installation!

Final thoughts

This wall-mount bracket is great to have as an option when installing your Dahua cameras.

Dahua also makes the PFA152 pole mount that this PFB203W bracket can be attached to, for mounting to a round object like a pole instead of a flat surface like a wall.

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